travel mug made from mason jar, parmesan cheese lid and sock

DIY Travel Mug

Week 7

One travel mug has the potential to keep thousands of disposable cups from the landfill. Let me show you how to make one with a few items you already have at home! This project takes about a minute to complete.

What you'll need:

  • Standard Mouth Mason Jar
  • Parmesan Cheese Container Lid
  • One landfill bound worn-out or lonely sock

Let's make a travel mug!

  1. one small mason jar, one large mason jar and an empty parmesan cheese container

    There are a few mason jar sizes that work for this project, but not the one's labeled "wide mouth".

  2. hand putting the parmesan cheese lid on a mason jar

    Take the parmesan cheese lid and screw it on to your mason jar.

  3. hand cutting the tube of a sock off

    Cut off the top tube of your worn out of lonely sock.

  4. hands folding sock tube on itself

    Turn the sock inside out and fold it onto itself a couple times, starting with the cut edge.

  5. hands putting folded sock tube on mason jar

    Put the sock ring on your mason jar like a koozie.

  6. finished product of diy travel mug mason jar with parmesan cheese lid and sock koozie

    That's it! You can sip out of the heavy pour side, or put a straw through one of the holes in the light pour side.

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