woman's hand chopping greens with kitchen knife

10 Ways to Reuse Food Scraps

Week 37

If you've read my post about the environmental impact of food waste, you already know that uneaten food is problematic because it is a massive waste of resources and when sent to a landfill, it releases methane gases. This week, I found 15 ways to reduce my food waste, one of them being to cook with scraps I would normally throw out. I'm not much of a chef, but there are plenty of bloggers out there who have shared some scrapstatic recipes. Here are 10 of my favorites:

Vegetable Stock from Veggie Scraps

two mason jars half full of vegetable stock

Stock is the cornerstone of multiple recipes and this post from Greenify Me shows just how easy it is to make your own from veggie scraps. You can also use the bones left behind from meat dishes for a non-vegetarian option.

Carrot Top Pesto

bowl of carrot top pesto on table next to carrots

I've thrown away more carrot tops than I can count, but thanks to this recipe from Fork in the Road, they can be the main attraction on pasta night.

Banana Peel Bacon

four strips of banana peel bacon on a wire rack

This recipe from Local Forkful is the perfect option for vegetarians looking for a way to keep "bacon" in their lives.

Apple Core Jelly

pot of apple skins and cores

Stop throwing out your apple cores and start turning them into jelly with this recipe from They're Not Our Goats.

Candied Citrus Peels

bowl of candied citrus peels on a table

I'll take any opportunity to satisfy my sweet tooth and this recipe from Friendship Bread Kitchen gives me the opportunity to do so without any plastic wrapping.

Croutons from Stale Bread

sheet pan full of croutons

I always kick myself when the bread goes stale before I've had a chance to eat it, but this recipe from Healing Tomato has shown me how to bring stale bread back to life via croutons.

Strawberry Top Vinegar

jar full of strawberry tops soaking in vinegar

Fruity vinaigrettes are my go to salad dressing and now I know how to make it from fruit scraps thanks to this recipe from Mary's Nest.

Potato Peel Crisps

bowl of potato peel crisps

Who needs potato chips when you can make a waste-free substitute from discarded potato peels? Use this recipe from Vegan on Board for a spicy snack.

Watermelon Rind Stir Fry

bowl of stir fry

Every time I eat watermelon I end up with a trash can full of rinds, but this recipe from Susan Cooks Vegan shows us how to turn it into a vegetarian stir fry instead.

Egg Shell Fertilizer

sheet pan full of egg shells

Eggs are a breakfast staple in my house, so we are always overflowing with discarded shells. Fortunately, they are an excellent supplement to the garden. This post from The Reid Homestead shows exactly how to use egg shells to boost plant growth.