One Week at a Time

profile of woman with mountain backdrop

Week 0 Getting Started

woman putting cardboard box in recycling bin

Week 1 Curbside Recycling

electronics, batteries, clothing, lightbulb and beauty products on a table

Week 2 Specialty Recycling

woman taking mail out of full mail box

Week 3 Junk Mail

Week 4 Plastic Bags

woman holding reusable water bottle

Week 5 Water Bottles

woman with glass of ice water holding straw

Week 6 Plastic Straws

woman holding disposable coffee cup in snowy exterior setting

Week 7 Disposable Cups

Napkin folded like flower on plate with fork and knife set on either side

Week 8 Paper Napkins

woman holding many plastic utensils in one hand and one set of metal cutlery

Week 9 Disposable Cutlery

woman eating takout noodles at her desk

Week 10 Take Out Containers

woman holding roll of toilet paper

Week 11 Toilet Paper

profile of woman standing outside in floral top

Week 12 Feminine Hygiene

woman brushing her teeth while looking in the mirror

Week 13 Toothbrushes

profile of bamboo toothbrush with green toothpaste

Week 14 Toothpaste

mouthwash bottle

Week 15 Oral Care

multiple deodorant sticks next to eachother all different brands

Week 16 Deodorant

four disposable razors on a countertop

Week 17 Razors and Shaving Cream

woman applying lotion to her face

Week 18 Lotion

hands being washed in sink under running water

Week 19 Hand Soap and Sanitizer

shower shelf with shampoo, body wash and a bar of soap

Week 20 Bodywash

various plastic face wash bottles

Week 21 Face wash

woman in sun hat and bathing suit squirting sunscreen into her hand

Week 22 Sunscreen

various plastic lip balm tubes in a row

Week 23 Lip Balm

various makeup products including lipstick, brushes, blush

Week 24 Makeup

woman brushing wet hair

Week 25 Hair Care

close up of spigot on the side of a building

Week 26 Water Conservation

silhouettes of power towers at dusk

Week 27 Electricity

hands going throught rack of hung clothes

Week 28 Fast Fashion

laundry basket full of clothes

Week 29 Laundry

bathroom with clean toilet and shower

Week 30 Bathroom Cleaner

hand wearing glove and spraying liquid from spray bottle

Week 31 Household Cleaners

stack of recently washed dishes drying on a towel

Week 32 Dishes

four paper towel rolls on a window sill

Week 33 Paper Towels

hand holding a steaming mug of coffee

Week 34 Coffee and Tea

hands kneading dough

Week 35 Baking Supplies

tomatoes, clementines and asparagus in ziploc bags

Week 36 Ziplocs

partially eaten apple covered in ants

Week 37 Food Waste

Week 38 Compost