hand holding sandwich size cloth bag in front of Utah's Delicate Arch

How to Make a Reusable Beeswax Sandwich Bag

Week 36

This week we've taken a look at the environmental impact of ZipLoc Bags and dicovered that though convenient, single-use plastic bags are contaminating our waterways and living in our landfills for hundreds of years. While Stasher bags offer an excellent sustainable replacement, the upfront cost can add up quickly.

If a collection of Stasher bags isn't really in the budget right now, or you're just feeling crafty, you can make this resuable beeswax wrap sandwich bag instead! I made some before my husband and I took a cross country road trip to Utah and we would both happy with how well they kept our PB & J's when we brought them on our hikes.

What You'll Need:

  1. rectangular piece of polka dot fabric

    Follow this tutorial to make a 7" x 18" beeswax wrap.

  2. wrong side of polka dot fabric with edge folded over and sewn

    Stich 1/2" of fabric down on each 7" side of your beeswax wrap.

  3. fabric right side up with wrong side flap folded over 7 inches

    With your fabric right side up, fold one side over 7".

  4. fabric folded back over so only right side is visible

    Fold this same flap back the other way 1/2". See picture.

  5. fabric folded a third time, showing accordian effect

    Fold the same flap another 1/2", so that it lines up with the initial fold. See picture.

  6. edges of fabric stitch closed

    Stitch each side down with a 1/2"seam allowance.

  7. sewn fabric flipped right side out to show seam

    Flip your bag inside out. You should have a nice square bottom, perfect for sandwiches.

  8. edges of top flap folded over and stitched shut

    Fold over the edges of the top flap 1/2" and stich in place.

  9. elastic loop attached to top edge of fabric

    Add a small elastic loop to the edge of the top flap.

  10. button sewn on front of bag

    Fold the flap over to determine a good spot to attach your button.

  11. hand holding complete sandwich bag

    Step back and admire your homemade sandwich bag.

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