pot with three crochet pot scrubbers

Make a Pot Scrubber

Week 32

This week, I looked at the environmental impact of washing dishes and learned a few easy ways to be more environmentally friendly. I found sustainable dish soap and replaced my plastic sponge with a wooden dish washing brush. I considered getting a copper pot scrubber, but was afraid that would scratch the non-stick interiors of my pots and pans. Instead, I gathered some leftover yarn I've been holding onto to crochet some washable pot scrubbers!

What you'll need:

  • Yarn: this doesn't require much yarn, so it's the perfect opportunity to use up some leftovers.
  • Crochet hook: whatever size works for your yarn



  • CH = Chain
  • SC = Single Crochet
  • DC = Double Crochet
  • HDC = Half Double Crochet
  • SS = Slip Stich
  • YO = Yarn Over
  • REP = Repeat
  • BOB = Cluster Bobble (*YO, insert hook, pull up a loop, YO, pull through two loops. REP from * four more times. Then YO and pull through all six loops on hook.)

Begin: CH 5, SS in first chain to close circle

Round 1: CH 1. Work 10 DC into circle. Join with SS.

Round 2: CH 2. SC 20 - 2 in each stitch. Join with SS.

Round 3: CH 2. HDC 1. *BOB 1, HDC 2 in the same stitch. REP from * 7 more times. BOB 1. Join with SS.

Line 4: CH 1. SC 24. Join with SS.

Line 5: CH 2. DC 12 - skipping every other stitch. Join with SS.

Line 6: CH 1. SC 6 - skipping every other stitch. Join with SS.

Let's make a pot scrubber!

  1. Chain 5.

  2. Slip stitch in first chain to make a circle.

  3. Chain 2. Work 10 Double Crochet into the circle. Join with slip stitch.

  4. Chain 1. Work 2 Single Crochet into each stitch, for a total of 20. Join with slip stitch.

  5. Chain 2. Half Double Crochet 1 *Cluster Bobble, HDC 2. Repeat from * 7 more times. Cluster Bobble 1. Join with slip stitch.

  6. Chain 1. Single Crochet 24. Join with slip stitch.

  7. Chain 2. Double Crochet 12 - skipping every other stitch. Join with slip stitch.

  8. Chain 1. Single Crochet 6 - skipping every other stitch. Join with slip stitch. Knot and finish!

  9. Use up all your yarn leftovers and make a few washable, reusable pot scrubbers.

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