woman putting trash bags into trash can

Kicking Off My Tiny Waste Resolution

Week 0

To kick off my Tiny Waste Resolution, I’ve done a few things to get pumped up and ready.

Get my husband on board

Shrinking my waste output would be almost impossible without my roommate’s consent. I’ve heard of other low wasters getting grief from their friends or families. Fortunately for me, Jonathan is equally excited to address our waste management.

Pay attention

I’ve made a point to notice all of the plastic and other waste around me to get really amped up about reducing my own. When I’m paying attention, it’s hard not to notice the sea of plastic I’ve been swimming in. Everything is plastic! Why?? Toothbrush, toothpaste, water bottles, packaging IT’S EVERYWHERE!!!

Conduct a trash audit

I read that the best way to start this journey is by going through your own garbage to see where your problem areas are. Click here for a simple guide to conducting your own trash audit.

Pick an exception

I know for a fact that if I give up every single thing I love, I will not stick to this resolution. While I do plan to ultimately eliminate the plastic that comes into my home, I’ve decided to allow myself one “cheat” and that will be board games. Board games are a huge part of our life and even though most have a little plastic, they are not landfill bound any time soon.

Tell my friends and family

This resolution is about changing my lifestyle and I’d like to make sure everyone around me understands why I’m bringing my own reusable dish to the family picnic or wrapping birthday presents in newspaper.

How to Conduct a Trash Audit →