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Letter of the Week: Requesting Recyclable Packaging

Week 2

I never thought recycling was going to solve all of my waste problems, but I definitely didn't realize how many products that I love and use on a regular basis cannot be recycled. This week, I'm writing to ask a company to consider making recyclable materials and packaging.

As always, please feel free to copy or use this as a template to write your own letter.


My name is Ali Hall and I am obsessed with my Cricut! I get excited every time I start a new project and my Explore has brought me so much crafting joy.

My first Cricut project of the year was to make some adorable vinyl labels for my recycling bins because this year, I am trying to reduce my waste. After I finished the project, I realized how many pieces of scraps and packaging aren't accepted in my curbside recycling bins and will eventually end up in a landfill. So, I'm writing to see if Cricut has any plans on making more sustainable packaging and materials. I understand that nothing can change overnight, but in the mean time, I've seen a few companies with tricky recyclability that have teamed up with Terracycle so that their products can be given a second life.

I do hope you'll consider this request from a loyal, but eco-concious consumer. Please let me know if Cricut is working towards any sort of sustainibily so I can share the information with my equally concerned Cricuteers.

Thank you, Ali Hall

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