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10 Low Waste Options for Your Caffeine Fix

Week 34

This week, I learned about the environmental impact of my coffee and tea habit over a nice, hot, cuppa. Not only do I need to be more aware of were my coffee beans and tea leaves come from, but I also want to produce less waste with my home brew. So, here are ten sustainable options to help achieve that goal.

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Coffee Sock

coffee sock brand cloth coffee filter

Coffee Socks come multiple shapes and sizes to suit whichever brewing method you prefer. They work exactly the same as a regular disposable filter, but can be rinsed and reused over and over again.

Price: $13 for two filters.

Reusable K Cup Coffee Filters

four zulay kitchen brand reusable k cup filters next to box

Reusable K Cup Filters let you keep the ease and convenience of individually brewed coffee without throwing away a plastic cup after every use. Simply fill the cup with your coffee of choice, use normally, then rinse and repeat.

Price: 4 pack for $15.99

French Press

bodum brand french press

French Press coffee allows you to brew at home without the need for any filters. There are a multitude of brand options available. I've included the link for a Bodum French Press simply because it is affordable and has received consistenly good reviews.

Price: Bodum French Presses start at $10 for a 3 cup press.

Espresso Maker

zulay kitchen brand espresso maker

Espresso Makers are a perfect low-waste solution for my espresso lovers, as it requires no additional materials. I've included the link for a Zulay Espresso Maker simply because it is affordable and has received consistenly good reviews.

Price: Zulay Espresso Makers start at $15.99 for a 3 cup pot.


stansport brand stainless steel percolator

Percolators offer another way to brew cofee without the need for a filter or any additional waste. This Stansport brand percolator brews up 9 cups at a time and even works well on camping excursions.

Price: Stansport 9 cup percolators are $38.99.

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

stainless steel mesh coffee filter basket

Stainless Steel Coffee Filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your coffee brewing needs. Whether you require a traditional basket filter or a cone shaped pour over filter, there is a stainless steel version available. You may have to do a little searching to find which model is best for your machine, but since these filters can last a lifetime, they are well worth the time. And since they typically cost about $10, you're likely to save money in the long run.

Price: The prices vary depending on the brand, but they start at $8 per filter.

Tea Sock

coffee sock brand reusable cloth tea bag

Tea Socks are a reusable alternative to conventional, disposable tea bags. All you have to do is fill the sock with loose leaf tea, brew normally, then rinse and reuse.

Price: $16 for two tea socks.

Tea Ball

zulay brand stainless steel tea ball

Tea Balls take the place of disposable tea bags by offering a reusable filter that are extremely easy to use and clean. All you have to do is fill with loose leaf tea, screw the lid on, and brew normally. After use, tea leaves can be tossed into your compost and the tea ball can be rinsed to clean.

Price: $4 for one tea ball.

Stainless Steel Tea Filter

zulay brand stainless steel tea filter

Tea Filters are similar to tea balls in that they offer a reusable filtering solution. However, they sit directly on top of your cup or mug instead of being lowered down into it. After use, you can easily dump tea leaves into your compost and rinse to clean.

Price: $10.99 per filter

Paper Tea Filters

if you care brand paper tea bags

If You Care Tea Bags allow you to hang on to the disposable tea bag without having to worry about the pesky plastic particles found in conventional tea bags. Simply fill with loose leaf tea, brew normally, and compost after use.

Price: $6.79 for 100 Tea Filters.

What I Use:

When it comes to brewing tea, I've found that the tea ball is easiest for me to use and clean. As for coffee, I imagine I'll eventually switch over to a French Press, but for now, I've made a reusuable cloth coffee filter that works with my trusty drip coffee machine.

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