toothpaste tube rolled up with cash and credit cards next to it

How to Make A Toothpaste Tube Wallet

Week 14

This week, I made the switch to plastic-free toothpaste, but I still had a few plastic toothpaste tubes to discard. Toothpaste tubes are made to last for hundreds of years, but are typically only used for a few months. Their mixed materials are recyclable or biodegradable, so billions end up in our landfills every year.

I started scrolling through Pinterest for ways to upcycle my toothpaste tubes, when I came across a brilliant idea to use it as a travel safe! Large toothpaste tubes are perfect for hiding cash and credit cards in plain sight. Using this idea, with a few improvements, I made my own toothpaste tube wallet.

What you'll need

  • Large toothpaste tube
  • Scissors
  • Thin Wire - I found this coil in my back yard, so I'm not sure what gauge it is, but I do know that pipe cleaners are not strong enough.
  • Duct Tape

Let's make a toothpaste tube wallet

  1. empty toothpaste tube next to metrocard, library card, and cash

    Grab an old toothpaste tube. You can hover a credit card over it to make sure it will fit.

  2. empty toothpaste tube with end cut off

    Cut the end off your toothpaste tube.

  3. inside view of cut open toothpaste tube

    Use a toothbrush or spoon to remove the excess toothpaste. You'll probably get a few more brushes out of it!

  4. cut toothpaste tube being rinsed under running water

    Clean the tube and dry completely.

  5. wire being cut in 4 inch strips next to empty toothpaste tube

    Cut two or three four-inch strips of wire.

  6. duct tape being cut to length of wire

    Cut a piece of duct tape the length of your wire strips.

  7. three wire pieces stuck on duct tape

    Put the wire strips on the sticky side of your duct tape.

  8. tape with wire being inserted in toothpaste tube

    Carefully insert the tape in the toothpaste tube, sticky side to back.

  9. view of open toothpaste tube with tape inside

    Once the tape is just past the cut edge, press it onto the back side of the toothpaste tube.

  10. fingers pressing down on toothpaste tube

    Press down on the outside of the tube to secure the tape.

  11. money and credit card being put into empty toothpaste tube

    Now you can add whatever money or valuables you want kept hidden.

  12. toothpaste tube rolled up

    Roll your toothpaste so it looks like a half used tube and voila!

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