Toilet Paper

Week 11

woman holding roll of toilet paper

Toilet Paper


I think we can all agree that toilet paper is one of life's necessities. I can only think of a handful of days in my life that I didn't use toilet paper, and they are all while I was hiking the Appalachian Trail and ran out. Read more →

rolls of toilet paper lined up

4 Sustainable Alternatives for Toilet Paper


Looking for a few ways to make your ones and twos a little more sustainable? Here are four options to consider. Read more →

cloth toilet paper on a roll in front of toilet

How to Make and Use Reusable Cloth Toilet Paper


I know what you're thinking, "reusable toilet paper sounds disgusting, I'll pass". That is the exact same sentiment I had, until I looked into it a little more. For some reason, I imagined my husband and I using the same dirty wipe over and over again for days at a time... which is not at all the reality of the situation. Cloth wipes not only reduce the amount of resources needed to make toilet paper, they also save a ton of money since they can be washed and reused for years. This week, we started using cloth wipes in addition to a bidet, to reduce the ick factor. Read more →

woman's hand writing address on envelope

Letter Requesting Product at Grocery Store


There are plenty of sustainable toilet paper options, but they may not be readily available at your local grocery store. That's why, this week, we'll ask our go-to shop to carry a new product. Read more →