Week 18

woman applying lotion to her face

The Environmental Impact of Lotion


Lotion is one of the most important parts of my daily skin-care routine. If I don't apply some sort of moisturizer to my face immediately after washing it, my skin becomes dry and flaky for the rest of the day. It didn't take any research for me to realise that lotion comes in plastic bottles, so this week, I started looking into more sustainable alternatives. Read more →

half of an avacado, sliced cucumber, cup of yogurt, bowl of olive oil, and bowl of coconut oil

5 Kitchen Ingredients that Make Excellent Moisturizers


If your skin care routine requires a lot of products in plastic bottles, check your kitchen for these five natural ingredients that offer low waste alternatives. Read more →

woman wearing white robe and white towel around her hair with cotton sheet mask on her face

How to Make a Reusable Sheet Mask


Sheet masks are my ultimate pampering item. My sister and I even have girls' nights that revolve around those goopy little masks. This week I was horrified to discover that my beloved sheet masks are not only packaged in plastic, but the masks themselves are usually made up plastic. Read more →

woman's hand writing address on envelope

Letter Asking for Plastic-Free Lotion


This week's letter asks popular lotion brand, Dove, to phase out plastics and offer more sustainable lotion options. Use this template to write to your favorite lotion brand. Read more →