Hand Soap and Sanitizer

Week 19

hands being washed in sink under running water

The Environmental Impact of Hand Soap and Sanitizer


I vividly remember starting pre-school and spending an entire week learning the importance of washing your hands. We danced, we sang songs, and we washed our hands all day long. Hand washing is an important part of everyone's day and nothing emphasized that more than the deadly global pandemic, Covid-19. In fact, the average person will go through 500 bottles of hand soap in their lifetime. This week, we'll make sure we are keeping our hands clean without comprising the environment. Read more →

hand getting soap from dispenser over sink

5 Sustainable Hand Soap and Sanitizer Options


We all know how important it is to wash our hands and we should be doing it multiple times a day. The next time you need a hand soap or sanitizer refill, opt for one of these sustainable options. Read more →

hand getting soap from dispenser by sink

How to Make Hand Soap


The average household goes through 11 hand soap bottles every year. Instead of wasting all that plastic (and money), why not make our own with two easy ingredients, castile soap and water. Read more →

woman's hand writing address on envelope

Letter Asking for Plastic-Free Hand Soap


This week's letter asks popular hand soap brand, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, to phase out plastics and offer more sustainable lotion options. Use this template to write to your favorite hand soap brand. Read more →