Week 20

shower shelf with shampoo, body wash and a bar of soap

The Environmental Impact of Body Wash


I think we can all agree that bathing or showering is an essential part of life and that soap is a necessity. However, the soap we use should keep both our bodies and the environment clean, which is why this week, we are taking a look at body wash. Read more →

woman stepping out of shower wrapped in towel

10 Sustainable Body Wash Options


Most body wash comes in a plastic bottle, but there are plenty of low-waste alternatives. We can choose between package free soap bars, infinitely recyclable glass bottles, and even refillable aluminum bottles. Here are ten sustainable options that will help you find a sustainable shower routine. Read more →

three soap savers hanging from shower handles

How to Make a Soap Saver


Soap bars are arguably the most sustainable body wash option since they can come without any packaging. A soap saver can expand the lifespan of your soap bar by keeping it contained. It both prevents soap from sticking to your shelf and keeps remnants from getting washed down the drain. Read more →

woman's hand writing address on envelope

Letter Asking for Plastic-Free Body Wash


According to Reduce Plastic Waste 238 million Americans use body wash in disposable bottles. That means an estimated 1.4 billion disposable bottles are used every year. This week's letter asks popular body wash brand, Suave, to phase out plastics and offer more sustainable body wash options. Use this template to write to your favorite body wash brand. Read more →