Face wash

Week 21

various plastic face wash bottles

The Environmental Impact of Face Wash


Face wash wasn't a part of my daily routine until I hit 30 and my youthful glow gave way to unwanted lines and bumps. Clearly, sleeping in my makeup and only washing my face when I showered was not working. At the advice of my older sister, I ditched the Irish Spring and bought a cleanser and a scrub to use every morning and every night. Of course, everything came in a disposable bottle and had to be replaced every few months. That's a lot of face wash bottles going into the garbage, which is why this week is all about find a more sustainable solution. Read more →

hands holding a bar of soap

10 Sustainable Face Wash Options


For some of us, clear, vibrant skin requires soap made specifically for our faces. Unfortunately, most face wash includes harmful ingredients and comes in plastic bottles. However, there are sustainable alternatives, including face-specific bars, infinitely recyclable glass bottles, and refillable aluminum bottles. Here are ten low-waste options to consider when it's time to re-up on face wash. Read more →

5 small jars with different homemade skin care recipes

DIY Low-Waste Skin Care Routine


Our skin care routine can be complex and expensive. Before trying to shrink my waste, I was spending hundreds of dollars every few months on teeny tiny bottles of cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer. Now, I look to other bloggers for natural recipes that I can make with ingredients I already have at home. I'm reducing both my waste, and my spending, by making all of my skin care products instead of buying them. Read more →

woman's hand writing address on envelope

Letter Asking for Plastic-Free Face Wash


This week's letter asks popular face wash brand, Olay, to phase out plastics and offer more sustainable face wash options. Use this template to write to your favorite face wash. Read more →