Lip Balm

Week 23

various plastic lip balm tubes in a row

The Environmental Impact of Lip Balm


My poor little lips are chapped regardless of the season, so applying lip balm is a pretty consistent part of my day. I've never kept track of how much lip balm I go through, but honestly, the tubes are so small that I lose them often (and so inexpensive that I don't mind replacing them on a regular basis). This week, I'm saying goodbye to the trail of tiny plastic lip balm tubes I've been leaving in my wake and searching for a sustainable alternative. Read more →

open glass jar of lip balm on a table

10 Sustainable Lip Balm Options


This week, while researching the environmental impact of lip balm, I learned that not only does lip balm come in plastic tubes, but it is often made of petroleum base, or plastic, ingredients! That's way too much plastic for one tiny little tube, so I've found 12 all-natural, plastic-free alternatives to keep my lips moisturized. If none of these are speaking to you, why not try making your own lip balm with this simple recipe. Read more →

two small open tins of homemade lip balm surrounded by peppermint leaves

Easy DIY Lip Balm


I learned this week that convential lip balm not only comes in plastic tubes, but is often made with petroleum based ingredients, aka plastic! I found plenty of sustainable lip balm options, but wanted to save a little money by giving home made lip balm a try. This recipe took all of five minutes and my husband and I both love how it turned out! Read more →

woman's hand writing address on envelope

Letter Asking for Low-Waste Lip Balm


This week I learned about the environmental impact of lip balm and how both the plastic packaging and petroleum based ingredients are problematic. I made a list of sustainable lip balm options, but there are still plenty of companies that need us consumers to ask for change. Burt's Bees already uses all-natural ingredients for their products, but everything is still packaged in plastic. So, this week's letter requesets that they phase out plastics and offer low-waste lip balm options. Use this template to write to your favorite lip balm brand. Read more →