Week 24

various makeup products including lipstick, brushes, blush

The Environmental Impact of Makeup


When I was a little girl, I would watch in admiration as my mom applied her makeup before work every morning and I couldn't wait for my turn. While I never became a makeup fanatic, I've always wore the basics: concealer, mascara, and some sort of lip balm. I couldn't begin to guess how many little plastic makeup containers I've gone through in the last twenty years, but I'm sure all together, it would make a pretty disturbing pile of garbage. Read more →

woman looking in a mirror and applying mascara

Sustainable Makeup Brands


This week I took a good look at my beauty routine and its environmental impact. After taking a look at my makeup drawer, I realized just how much plastic waste I've produced over the last twenty years. As I use up the last of my conventional makeup, it's time to find a low-waste, eco-friendly replacement. Here are ten sustainable brands I've found that offer environmentally friendly packaging and natural ingredients. Read more →

Glass jar on counter with sewn fabric circles

DIY Reusable Cloth Cotton Rounds


This week was all about the environmental impact of makeup. I found 10 Sustainable Makeup Brands to try, but what about taking that makeup off? Cotton rounds are often used to aid in makeup removal, but they aren't always made of cotton. Even if they are, these single-use disposables are a waste of resources. Instead, you can make reusable cotton makeup rounds from fabric remnants! This is a ridiculously easy project that is perfect for beginners. Not feeling very crafty? You can also purchase a set of 20 cotton rounds from Marley's Monsters for $16. Read more →

woman's hand writing address on envelope

Letter Asking for Low-Waste Makeup


This week I learned about the environmental impact of makeup and how both the plastic packaging and some synthetic ingredients are problematic. I made a list of sustainable makeup brands, but there are still plenty of companies that need us consumers to ask for change. So, this week's letter requests that they phase out plastics and offer low-waste makeup options. Use this template to write to your favorite makeup brand. Read more →