Fast Fashion

Week 28

hands going throught rack of hung clothes

The Environmental Impact of Fast Fashion


While I'm not what anyone would call a fashionista, I do enjoy the occasional shopping spree. And since I loathe spending top dollar on temporary trends, I often opt for brands that offer cute clothes at an affordable price point. My go-to picks include H&M, TopShop, Zara, Forever 21, and Shein, which make it very easy to indulge in high fashion without the high price tag. Unfortunately these are all considered fast fashion brands, which I now know aren't exactly environmentally friendly. Read more →

rack of clothing on hangers

The Best Places to Find Secondhand Clothing


If you read my last post, the environmental impact of fast fashion, you may be wondering how to make your closet a little more sustainable. You can, of course, shop sustainable brands which offer quality clothes that use natural materials and are made to last. Or, even better, you can opt for secondhand finds. Read more →

hands guiding fabric through sewing machine

5 Easy Clothing Alterations


This week, I took a look at the environmental impact of fast fashion and learned that one of the best ways to have sustainable closet is to shop secondhand. Secondhand clothes shopping can be a little daunting, especially when things don't fit exactly right. However, there are a few extremely easy alterations that can make your thrift finds feel like tailored garments. Read more →

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Letter Asking Department Store to Carry Sustainable Clothing Brands


I spent all week learning about fast fashion and it's shockingly negative impact on the environment. While I've made the decisions to make my closet more sustainable by shopping for secondhand clothes, my personal impact is miniscule in comparison to large brands and corporations. That's why, this week, I'm writing to popular department store, Macy's, and asking that they move away from fast fashion and work towards carrying more sustainable clothing brands. Read more →