Bathroom Cleaner

Week 30

bathroom with clean toilet and shower

The Environmental Impact of Bathroom Cleaners


Last week, we made some significant changes to our laundry routine after learning about its negative environmental impact. Now, we'll navigate through sustainable cleaning in the rest of the home. Get your latex gloves on, because next up, we're scrubbing toilets. Read more →

hand using toilet brush in toilet bowl

10 Sustainable Cleaning Products for your Bathroom


This week, I've been learning all about household cleaning products and how they impact the environment. Since bathroom cleaners typically get washed down the drain and into our waterways, I've decided they should be the first to go. While compiling this list of sustainable bathroom cleaners, I looked for low-waste packaging and naturally derived ingredients that wouldn't be harmful to my health or the environment. Read more →

three toilet bombs next to glass jar full of toilet bombs and house plant all on top of toilet tank

How to Make Toilet Cleaning Bombs


I loathe cleaning the bathroom... just the thought of scrubbing a toilet bowl gets me dry heaving. Before I started my low-waste journey, I was happy to use the most potent chemicals available. Now, I've learned that conventional bathroom cleaners can be harmful to both my health and the environment. Read more →

woman's hand writing address on envelope

Letter Asking for Environmentally Friendly Bathroom Cleaner


This week, I started breaking down my household cleaning routine, starting in the bathroom. Bathroom cleaners pollute our air and our waterways, while contributing waste from their plastic packaging. While there are sustainable bathroom cleaners on the market, I think it's important to hold larger companies accountable for their environmental impact. Read more →