Baking Supplies

Week 35

hands kneading dough

The Environmental Impact of Common Baking Materials


Most weeks of my Tiny Waste Resolution have had a pretty narrow focus. This week, however, I decided to go a little broader and cover all the common baking materials in one go, since I don't use any of these materials on a daily basis and they don't need require regular replacing. So, the goal here was to cover everything that comes up while baking, and slowly shift towards their sustainable alternatives. Read more →

assortment of pastries next to whisk, rolling, pin, and other baking supplies

10 Low-Waste Baking Tips


This week, I focused on the environmental impact of common baking materials so I can start being more sustainable in the kitchen. There are so many small changes that can both save money and cut back on landfill bound waste. These tips are helpful waste shrinkers for all levels, even if you're new to the baking scene. Read more →

glass jar, bowl, and casserole dish on counter with homemade beeswax wraps over tops. cookbook and flour jar blurry in background

How to Make A Beeswax Wrap


What You'll Need: Cotton fabric - I used leftover quilting fabric. Scissors Beeswax Pellets or shavings Olive oil Iron Parchment paper Read more →