Plastic Bags

Week 4

Plastic Bags


When Katy Perry asks if I ever feel like a plastic bag, I don't think of how they casually drift through the wind, I think about how they litter the streets, clog recycling machinery, and never really break down. Read more →

balls of yarn made from plastic bags

Make the Change: Yarn from Plastic Bags


Flatten your plastic bag. Read more →

Make the Change: 5 Reusable Totes from Everyday Items


There is no need to buy reusable bags when there are so many easy ways to make them from things you probably already have lying around. In a few hours, I was able to whip up a whole fleet of grocery totes! Read more →

woman's hand writing address on envelope

Letter of the Week: Requesting a Plastic Bag Ban


Plastic bags are problematic for so many reasons, it's no surprise they have already been banned in eight states and 55 countries. If your city doesn't already have a plastic bag ban, use one of these templates from Plastic Pollution Coalition to a business owner or elected official. Change will only come if we, the people, join together and demand it. Read more →