three silver cyclinders labeled rubberbands, batteries, and corks

Make the Change: Specialty Recycling Bins

Week 2

This week I opted for a quick, but functional craft project - making specialty recycling bins for some of the items that aren't accepted in my curbside pickup. You can use any containers, but might I suggest choosing some that can't be recycled and will end its life in a landfill. Think Pringles, Folgers, Panko Bread Crumbs...the ones made up of multiple materials.

  1. bread crumb container

    Pick out a plastic or landfill-bound container. We jut happened to have multiple bread crumbs, but you could use large yogurt cups, peanut butter jars...basically anything.

  2. bread crumb container with label removed

    Remove the label.

  3. plastic lid with hole cut in the middle

    With scissors, cut a hole in the lid. Make sure it is big enough to fit your intended recyclables.

  4. blue plastic lid being spraypainted black

    Use acrylic paint or plastic-friendly spray paint to color the lids. This step is completely optional. I had black spray paint in my craft supplies, so I gave my lids a quick coat.

  5. silver container with black sharpie writing

    Label your containers with a sharpie. You could have one for plastic bags, batteries, corks...

  6. three silver cylinders labeled rubberbans, batteries and corks

    Well, that took about five minutes and now my dead batteries have a home.

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