Curbside Recycling

Week 1

woman putting cardboard box in recycling bin

Curbside Recycling


I chose Curbside Recycling for the first week of my Tiny Waste Resolution because it takes a significant chunk out of my landfill contribution, but it seems easy enough to implement without making me want to quit within the first week. Read more →

aerial view of materials in recycling bins

What is Wishful Recycling and Why Is It Harmful


I have been recycling for at least a decade, but now that I've been researching how to reduce my waste, I realize that I was actually "Wishful Recycling". I thought I was doing my part to conserve the planet, but in reality, I was keeping perfectly good materials from being recycled. I never read the guidelines of what should and should not be put in the curbside bins, I rarely removed food remnants from containers and I always put my recycling in plastic bags. Read more →

plastic metal glass and paper recycling bins in a pantry

Make the Change: Recycling Bins


This week I made easy to understand recycling bins! Read more →

woman's hand writing address on envelope

Letter of the Week: Asking About Recyclability


When I started my Tiny Waste Resolution and commited to writing a letter every week, I completely dismissed the fact I hate writing letters. Even worse, that I try to avoid confrontation at all costs... even if it is virtual confrontation. However, conserving the planet is more important that avoiding mild discomfort, so here we go! To ease into the process, my first "Letter of the Week" is simply asking about whether or not a company's packaging is recyclable. My goal was to be concise while getting three main points across: Read more →