Week 29

laundry basket full of clothes

The Environmental Impact of Laundry


Last week I took a long, hard look at my clothes shopping habit and fast fashion's negative environmental impact. So, naturally, it's time to delve into how I launder my clothing. Read more →

hand putting laundry detergent powder into washing machine full of laundry

5 Sustainable Detergent Options


Until this week, I had no idea that my laundry routine had such a negative environmental impact. There are plenty of ways to make the process a little more planet-friendly, like washing in cold water and air drying to save electricity. But since an estimated 1 billion plastic detergent bottles are discarded in the United States every year, switching to a low-waste laundry detergent feels like an easy way to be greener, without having to think too hard on a daily basis. Read more →

basket of dryer balls on top of wool sweater

How to Make Reusable Wool Dryer Balls from an Old Sweater


This week, while researching the environmental impact of laundry, I learned that conventional dryer sheets are made of nonwoven polyester which is a form of plastic. One way I've cut back on dryer sheets is by air drying clothes on my homemade clothes drying rack. However, since bulkier items like blankets and towels still require a tumble dry, I wanted to find a low-waste alternative to single use dryer sheets. Read more →

pencil and envelopes on spiral notebook

Letter Asking for Plastic-Free Laundry Detergent


This week, I was overwhelmed by the negative environmental impact of my laundry routine. In order to shrink my laundry waste, I switched to a sustainable detergent and made reusable wool dryer balls from an old sweater. However, there are still a whole lot of plastic detergent bottles that end up in landfills. An estimated 1 billion plastic detergent bottles are discarded in the United States every year. Read more →