Household Cleaners

Week 31

hand wearing glove and spraying liquid from spray bottle

The Environmental Impact of Household Cleaners


Last week, I focused specifically on bathroom cleaners, but what about cleaning products in the rest of the house? I use a multi-surface spray to clean every other room, so it should definitely be safe for both my health and the environment. Read more →

spray bottle next to lemons on countertop

10 Sustainable Multi-Surface Cleaners


This week, I learned about the environmental impact of household cleaners and learned that conventional cleaners not only come in plastic packaging, but typically contain an array of ingredients that can pollute our air and waterways. So, here are ten environmentally-friendly alternatives to consider when it's time to replace your all-purpose cleaner. Read more →

glass multi-purpose cleaning bottle with spray top

Make a Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaning Bottle


There are a whole slew of environmental problems with conventional household cleaners. This week, in an attempt to clean my home a little more sustainably, I found somelow-waste, environmentally-friendly cleaning products to replace the toxic sprays I've been using. I also learned that there are plenty of ways to spruce up the place with natural ingredients most of us already have at home. So, using a glass vinegar bottle, a spray top from an empty cleaning bottle, and some Cricut materials I had in my craft room, I made a multi-purpose cleaning bottle that I can use in every room of my home! Read more →

hand holding envelope

Letter Asking for Sustainable Multi-Purpose Cleaner


The week I started paying attention to the environmental impact of multi-purpose cleaners, since I use them in virtually every room of my home. Conventional cleaners can pollute our air and our waterways, as well as contribute to landfill waste from their plastic packaging. While there are sustainable multi-purpose cleaners on the market, I think it's important to hold larger companies accountable for their environmental impact. So, I'm writing to Windex, a leading brand in glass and multi-purpose cleaners, asking that they offer products made of cleaner ingredients and begin to phase out plastic bottles. Please use this as a template to write your own letter informing companies that you would like to see change. Read more →