Week 32

stack of recently washed dishes drying on a towel

The Environmental Impact of Washing Dishes


So far in my Tiny Waste Resolution, I've found learned about the environmental impact and found sustainable alternatives for laundry detergent, bathroom cleaners, multi-purpose spray. Now, it's time to focus on one last bit of cleaning in my home... dish washing. Read more →

hand washing a fork under running water in a sink

10 Sustainable Dish Soap Options


This week, after learning about the environmental impact of washing dishes, I'm trying to greenify the way I clean up in the kitchen. First, I replaced my nasty plastic sponges with a compostable wooden Dish Washing Brush. Now, I'm looking for a low-waste, environmentally-friendly dish soap. Read more →

pot with three crochet pot scrubbers

Make a Pot Scrubber


This week, I looked at the environmental impact of washing dishes and learned a few easy ways to be more environmentally friendly. I found sustainable dish soap and replaced my plastic sponge with a wooden dish washing brush. I considered getting a copper pot scrubber, but was afraid that would scratch the non-stick interiors of my pots and pans. Instead, I gathered some leftover yarn I've been holding onto to crochet some washable pot scrubbers! Read more →

pencil and envelopes on spiral notebook

Letter Asking for Environmentally Friendly Dish Soap


The week I started paying attention to the environmental impact of washing dishes, since that is a part of every day life in my home. I learned that dish soap can be harmful to our health and our environment, as well as contribute to landfill waste from plastic packaging. While there are sustainable dish soaps on the market, I think it's important to hold larger companies accountable for their environmental impact. Read more →