Coffee and Tea

Week 34

hand holding a steaming mug of coffee

The Environmental Impact of Your Caffeine Habit


Every morning, I kick off the day with a warm cup of coffee or tea. While I'm not a "don't talk to me until I've had my caffeine" enthusiast, I look forward to and enjoy every sip. Since 63% of American adults drink coffee on a daily basis, and tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world (after water), I'm clearly not alone. Unfortunately, there are some negative impacts attributed to this seemingly harmless habit. So, grab a cuppa, and settle in. We've got a lot to discuss. Read more →

cup of coffee next to tea pot, spoon, napkin, and glass of water

10 Low Waste Options for Your Caffeine Fix


This week, I learned about the environmental impact of my coffee and tea habit over a nice, hot, cuppa. Not only do I need to be more aware of were my coffee beans and tea leaves come from, but I also want to produce less waste with my home brew. So, here are ten sustainable options to help achieve that goal. Read more →

cloth coffee filter on counter with mug and coffee grounds in the background

How to Make a Reusable Coffee Filter


Since coffee and tea are a consistent part of my daily consumption, I want to make sure I'm being as sustainable as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-waste products for brewing both coffee and tea. I found out that my local organic grocery store offers bulk coffee beans and loose leaf tea, which eliminates packaging waste and now, I steep my tea leaves in a tea ball. As for coffee, I still use my drip machine, but I've made a few reusable cloth filters to use in place of disposable paper ones. Read more →

hand holding envelope

Letter Asking for Low-Waste Coffee Packaging


This week, I learned about the environmental impact of my caffeine habit as well as ways to reduce my waste. While my home brew routine is now waste-free, I know that there is still plenty of plastic coffee and tea packaging that ends up in landfills. So, this week I'm writing to coffee and tea brand, Keuring, and asking them to find a more sustainable way to package their extremely popular single-serve pods. Read more →